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Vital Tech takes cybersecurity planning for Boston businesses seriously. Unlike other companies, we're all about cyber protection at our core. More specifically, system risk and breach incident response services for small to medium-sized businesses, healthcare, & enterprises in the New England area.

Cyber-attacks against SMB are at an all-time high. Even within the past year alone, high in the frequency and complexity of assaults has caused insurmountable damage. Even if your company can withstand an attack, the damage has been done and your reputation could be ruined. Can your business afford NOT to have an adequate protection? Don’t leave yourself open to litigation, fines, or possibly worse, the horror of becoming the next ‘hot story' in the news who was compromised.

That's where VITAL has you covered. With our advanced multi-faceted approach, vulnerability assessments, complete endpoint protection, and more, your computer network will be locked down from hackers unseen before. All of our solutions are built with safety in mind, you can rest assured knowing that your systems are protected 24/7/365.

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cybersecurity Boston, MA

Cybersecurity is at our Core

Basic security measures are no longer sufficient to guard your business against today’s ever-evolving online threats. This reality is made glaringly evident by the constant stream of breaches and hacks we hear about almost every day. Traditional perimeter security such as firewalls and Intrusion Prevention Systems (IPS), as well as anti-malware, do not provide the broad and deep visibility across your infrastructure needed to detect these threats.

At VITAL, we believe that prevention outweighs remediation every time. Our solutions focus on what you trust and want to run on your endpoints, so we stop all unknowns by default.

In addition to blocking unknowns by default, VITAL is constantly monitoring your technologies for attacks and breaches.

Network Security Company Boston, MA
Cybersecurity Company Boston, MA

Why Network Security Matters

Here at VITAL, we work hard with clients to develop robust plans which protect the most sensitive of files and resources. Recent statistics show that small businesses are at more risk of being hacked than ever before. The amount of information being compromised is increasing at a blistering pace. Since businesses are relying on new technology for storage, new opportunities are opening up for scammers, with mobile information, virtual solutions, and more being targeted regularly.

Because of all of this, many industries have increased stricter compliance regulations. To keep with standards, experts recommend that logs and events are stored for a specified period. As part of VITAL’s full suite of support options, all required logs are stored to ensure your organization is compliant with regulations and best practices.

Do you know if your organization is even protected? If not, don’t panic. VITAL will manage your technology constantly. With our extensive cyber threat intelligence operation, any malicious software attempting to gain access to your system will be detected and dealt with in record time. However, even during the most heinous intrusion, the best thing to do is to remain vigilant. You should start by overhauling your environment in the event of a malicious hacker. You should never leave any doors open for a sneak attack. In short, it's always best to have a team backing your systems all day, every day. It could literally cost you your business.

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New malware threats are being released every single day, and half of the attacks are aimed at small businesses. Don't be a sitting duck.

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