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Dark web monitoring (DWM), is a fraud counteractive action that monitors ID information on the internet; specifically on the deep Dark Web. System breaches can go unnoticed for days, months, or even worse, years. Hackers are now going above and beyond to steal your information, and even shatter your reputation.

The Dark Web is a place where hackers team up to exchange information. New hacking methods are continuously being discussed with these bad actors. This, in turn, could lead to an amplified attack on an organization, which could be ridiculously hard to contain. You want to make sure your company is protected and beat them at their own game. Our DWM services makes sure a breach can be detected faster and your systems can anticipate an incoming attack

Above all, VITAL's expert researchers monitor all of your information for suspicious activity and alert you to any threats. We're here to keep you protected with an advanced detection system you can trust.

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dark web monitoring services Boston
dark web monitoring Boston, MA

Benefits of Dark Web Monitoring Services

There are various benefits of making sure your data isn’t being distributed illegally online. Not only does VITAL's DWM services help you stay ahead of the curve, but they can also help forecast hacker trends. Usually companies are caught off guard when they finally realize their information has been compromised.

  • Anticipate incoming attacks.
  • Detect breaches faster.
  • Forecast hacker trends.
  • Activity tracking with advanced web crawlers.
  • Receive notifications and threat alerts.

Hackers will not miss any opportunity to publicly shame your destroy your reputation. As we know, they do this on purpose to put pressure on your company to pay any ransom they may demand. However, we can help detect and mediate all malicious activity online related to you or your organization so you can act accordingly.

dark web monitoring services Boston, MA

Proactive Dark Web Monitoring Solutions

Not sure what information related to you or your organization is on the dark web? Let us find out before it's too late!

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