Newsletter – Volume 5

VITAL TECH SERVICES Cybersecurity Newsletter
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Stay Secure While Working Remotely

Working remotely will help slow the worldwide spread of COVID-19 from person to person while allowing the economy to limp along and that’s a WIN-WIN. However, remote workers now represent serious new cybersecurity challenges different from on-site workers. Small to medium sized businesses (SMB) need to proactively deal with these potential security issues before something bad happens.

Shark Tank Host Phished For Nearly $400K

Barbara Corcoran, world famous Shark Tank host and renowned real-estate broker/business expert, was swindled out of $380,000 by one of the most popular forms of fraud: a business email compromise and phishing scam. While she got her money back, most do not! Find out why.

Attacks On Mobile Devices Increasing

In 2020, 4.78 Billion or 61% of the world’s population people own a smart phone. The more popular smartphones become, the more likely they are to be attacked by hackers. VITAL Tech Services is seeing a dramatic rise in smartphone device attacks similar to the one that his Jeff Bezos and led to his divorce.

coronavirus facial recognition software

Facial Recognition Technology Can Detect Coronavirus

Teplo is working on combining facial recognition with infrared thermography to realize close range, contactless facial recognition, and temperature detection. Importantly, the combined products could help us combat the Coronavirus by identifying high risk individuals based upon temperature readouts. The good news is this technology even works with people wearing N95 masks.

Look What We Added

We recently launched our “Phishing” module, allowing administrators to create phishing campaigns and test employees. We believe this testing will help employees stay vigilant in watching for and avoiding phishing attacks.

This important module can also helps MSPs educate clients on the need to implement training programs which teach cybersecurity skills such as Business Email Compromise, Phishing Attacks, and Password Hygiene. Once SMB owners see how many employees clicked on a phishing email, they’re more willing to purchase solutions to address these gaps. It’s a WIN-WIN for everyone, MSP and Client, alike.

VITAL Tech Services is committed to building tools that empower MSPs to sell and easily deploy robust cybersecurity programs to themselves and their clients.

Cybrary Term of the Day

Zoom Bombing is where an unauthorized person enters your Zoom video conference to cause disruption or gain sensitive information. Many companies and schools have begun using video conferencing extensively and there’s been numerous news reports of “zoom bombing” problems. While Zoom appears to be taking the brunt of the complaints on securing web conferencing, it’s important to realize any web conference can be attacked. Take precautions to secure your web meetings today. Read on for information on how to secure your Zoom meetings and be sure to watch VITAL Tech Services’s “How To” video which reviews the correct Zoom security features you need to enable and disable to properly secure your Zoom meetings.