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Using volunteers to support is often one way that a non-profit keeps costs down. However, your IT guy needs to go beyond “I can reboot it”, or even “I can fix it”, to setting strategies, maintaining continuity, providing off-site backup/storage, and assuring that the software will support the demand for the future. Improperly trained or unavailable personnel can cost you more than temporary downtime, it can impact your entire organization.

Managed Services through VITAL Tech Services provides assurance that your IT professional is trained and ready to respond, whenever and whatever your demand. It is actually less costly and more efficient to program your IT expenses for the year using our service plan. Managed Services allows you to create a budget and stick with it – and provides services 8 to 5 M-F; even when your volunteers can’t.

With VITAL, it is our business to understand and operate with a security mindset. We routinely provide security checks, testing infrastructure, and operational procedures that assure and maintain secure systems. From purchasing equipment and software, to designing training and maintaining security mindsets for your staff, we do our part to increase your comfort, and the comfort of your donors that your information is secure and handled properly.


Security in IT is constantly changing, and requires more than an antivirus program running in the background. Managing passwords, user accounts, creating firewalls for websites, updating and maintaining operating systems, all can make or break your IT system. Protecting client information and personally identifiable information (PII) is critical for most non-profits. Risk to just this area alone can threaten funding from major sponsors. Setting up a secure system is a specialized area within IT – and requires training and a mindset that the ordinary volunteer may not have.


Software is ever changing, and requires a strategy to maintain it so that costs don’t sky rocket out of control, or worse — because upgrades are too expensive; the non-profit is left behind with an unsupported piece of technology. Failure to choose the right software package can result in lengthy processes and reassembling information or data calls for sponsors or operational grants.

VITAL’s experts will help you ask the right questions when selecting software so that you can answer questions when they come from your funding sources. We can also work with your non-profit to figure out your real requirements in terms of staff use, information access, and reporting so you work smarter, not harder, using technology that supports your needs instead of generating extra workload.

Consult with a VITAL experts who can help you set plans in place for growth and risk mitigation in terms of costs, time, and resources. With a well-designed plan, scaling can become seamless, with bridge points between critical size thresholds determined in advance. Instead of being reactive, your non-profit becomes proactive in the use of resources. Your non-profit shouldn’t be afraid of growth, having a strategic plan helps eliminate fear. Knowing when, where and how to transition your software, add new hardware, and update existing equipment is the key to saving resources and time over the long run.


Scaling refers to growth – the ability to expand rapidly when the need is there. Scaling can impact software licensing, hardware availability, even additional printers or cabling within your facility. Understanding new requirements for organizational growth, governance, software licensing, and determining hardware requirements are all complex demands — on top of the director and staffs full time positions. Answering the Board of Directors questions in a full and complete manner can be a challenge if IT is not the forte of your organization’s leadership.

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