Secure WordPress Monthly Maintenance

Monthly Maintenance

WordPress monitoring services
$ 79
  • Provide 24/7 monitoring
  • Nightly backups
  • Security patching
  • Ongoing consultation

We just need a couple things to get started:

WordPress monitoring consists of (but not limited to) the following services:

  • Provide up to 1 hour of consultation/support/help as needed
    • New features/functions may not qualify for the 1-hour block
  • Provide 24/7 monitoring of the system and investigate anomalies as they occur
    • Automatically check if you’re on Google’s blacklist every 6 hours
    • up/downtime, performance/speed
    • security monitoring, system hardening, security tweaks,
    • audit log (a log of ‘everything’ that happens in the site)
    • scanning the codebase for suspicious code
    • blacklist monitoring, IP lockouts, brute force lockout
    • file change detection
    • vulnerability scanning and reporting
    • checking for known issues with themes and plugins you have installed and scans for suspicious behavior in your system files
  • Nightly backups with 1GB of cloud storage and automated Snapshot backups
  • Bi-Weekly Review and update security patching themes
  • Bi-Weekly Review and update security patching for supported plugins
  • Bi-Weekly Review and update security patching WordPress core
  • Ongoing consultation on core software, plugins and theme issues and suggestions
  • Provide timely communication